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Five Reason to weigh your caravan with Check Weight (instead of using a Weighbridge)

March 30, 2020



I’ve been asked several times – why use Check Weight instead of going to a weighbridge.

After all a weighbridge is cheaper – or is it?

I’ve had a few caravan owners who have said – they would go to a weighbridge because it’s cheaper – but in all their years of owning caravans, they still have never weighed their caravan.

Check Weight

At a free (note not all weighbridges are free) – it could be said – you get exactly what you pay for!

So here is:

Five Reason to weigh your caravan with Check Weight (instead of using a Weighbridge)

1. Check Weight gives you peace of mind knowing your exact weights. We weigh each wheel, so you know what your wheel, axle and vehicle weights are – We even tell you what your weights are passenger’s side to driver’s side!

Check Weight Mobile Caravan Weighing

2. Check Weight is a personal service – a weigh takes around 90 minutes – we can tailor the weigh to suit your individual circumstances – want to weigh the vehicle with a Weight Distribution Hitch ( WDH) attached and not attached – to see the effect on your vehicle – no worries – try doing that on a weighbridge with a B-Double waiting behind you!

3. Did you know there are recommendations from the manufacturers on axle weights? We recently weighed a vehicle – and although they were under the GVM – the weight on the rear axle was exceeded by over 100 kg – that could void your warranty and maybe void your insurance if you have an accident. A weigh bridge only gives you the total vehicle weight (GVM) not wheel and axle weights!

4. Weigh bridges can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with them – They can have multiple weigh pads – which if you do not position your vehicle correctly could give you a false reading and you can have trucks and other vehicles lined up behind you waiting to use the weighbridge. This can be intimidating if you’re trying to unhitch and hitch your caravan. At Check Weight we take our time to make sure you understand your weights and where that weight is!

5. At Check Weight – our aim is to assist owners on understanding their weights – a weighbridge is there to calculate how much rubbish you dumped at the tip !

Our comprehensive reports are emailed to you – so are always available for you to refer to – whereas a weighbridge ticket is easily lost!

To arrange a Caravan weigh – use our online booking at or phone on 0419693975.

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