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The surface on which mobile caravan weighing occurs plays a significant role in achieving precise measurements.

August 14, 2023


When it comes to weighing vehicles, the surface on which the weighing occurs plays
a significant role in achieving precise measurements. CHECK WEIGHT will only
weigh your vehicle and caravan / camper trailer on asphalt or concrete surfaces as it
offers greater accuracy and stability.
Weighing on dirt, gravel, and grass surfaces can be highly variable and inconsistent.


Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces

Asphalt and concrete surfaces offer excellent stability and consistency, making them an ideal choice for accurate vehicle weighing. The smooth and solid nature of asphalt and concrete provides a level platform for the weighing equipment, minimizing the impact of external factors that can influence weight measurements. Additionally, the surfaces are engineered to withstand heavy loads, ensuring structural integrity and reliability during the weighing process.

The weigh pads CHECK WEIGHT uses (and other mobile weighers) are highly accurate, however if weighed on an improper surface, that accuracy is compromised.


Car parks are ideal for weighing

Challenges of Weighing on Dirt Surfaces

Weighing vehicles on dirt surfaces presents a unique set of challenges. Dirt surfaces are susceptible to various factors such as moisture, temperature changes, and compaction, which can significantly impact the accuracy of weight measurements.

These surfaces are prone to unevenness, leading to potential errors in weight readings. Additionally, dirt surfaces can be affected by external elements like debris or loose soil, further complicating the weighing process.

It is essential to recognize the limitations of weighing on dirt surfaces and consider alternative options for achieving accurate weight measurements.

CHECK WEIGHT does NOT weigh on gravel or dirt as consistence results cannot be guaranteed.

Variability of Gravel and Grass Surfaces

Gravel and grass surfaces introduce even more variability and inconsistency when it comes to vehicle weighing. Gravel surfaces, although more stable than dirt, still pose challenges due to variations in the size and composition of the aggregate. This can lead to uneven weight distribution and inaccurate readings. Grass surfaces, on the other hand, are inherently unstable and prone to deformation under heavy loads.

Weighing vehicles on grass surfaces can result in unpredictable weight measurements and compromised accuracy.


CHECK WEIGHT will never weigh on grass.
This picture was taken when doing comparisons for the different surfaces for this blog article.

The Role of Stability in Accurate Weighing

Stability is a key factor in accurate weighing operations. When vehicles are weighed on stable surfaces like asphalt or concrete, the weighing equipment can provide consistent and reliable weight measurements. Stability minimizes external influences such as ground movement or surface variations, ensuring that the weight recorded accurately represents the true load of the vehicle.

We have tested this by weighing the same vehicle on concrete, gravel, dirt and tar.

The weight difference from concrete to grass was some 7% lighter – so very significant if you’re close to your maximum weight. This may give you a false sense of confidence thinking your underweight when you may not be!

The difference between dirt, gravel and concrete was less, however the unpredictability of dirt and gravel and no real means to check the accuracy of the client’s vehicle and caravan weight, means that CHECK EWEIGHT has made the decision to not weigh on gravel and/or dirt surfaces.   You only need a small error to throw the accuracy of the weigh pads out.


If you have been weighed on dirt or gravel by another mobile caravan weigher, we are happy to look at your results and look for any inconsistencies.

Just email your report to  for a FREE overview.

CHECK WEIGHT will only weigh on a stable surface, that is also as flat and level as possible.

If you’re in an area not serviced by CHECK WEIGHT, and you’re getting weighed by another Mobile Caravan Weigher, check out their website and Facebook page for examples of where they have weighed. If they have weighed on grass or gravel before, we recommend that you don’t be weighed by them – as your weights results may be compromised.

We have had occasions where clients try and persuade us to weigh on an unsuitable surface. Please trust our experience and our recommendations. There is no point weighing on an unsuitable surface and compromising the accuracy of your weights.

This article was researched and written by Jason Wadwell

CHECK WEIGHT Franchisee for the Greater Sydney area.

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