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What does Mobile Weighing involve with Check Weight ?

August 27, 2021



This Blog explains the process we have for weighing a caravan and tow vehicle, and the education we provide whilst doing your weigh.

Our Weigh pads are State of the Art wireless weigh pads which can weigh up to 10 ton each.

You can literally drive a semi-trailer over them!!!

The weigh pads are calibrated each year – and when calibrated have a ZERO error to 10 tons.

They are also designed to weigh correctly on surfaces up to 5 degrees incline/decline.  The surface we weigh on must be smooth and almost flat.  (Concrete or tar only)

The tow ball weigher is accurate to 0.5 kg – where’s the tow ball weighers you purchase from the local shop weigh in 10 kg increments- are not calibrated and aren’t necessarily very accurate.

Our Process.

Having 4 weigh pads we firstly weigh the vehicle whilst HITCHED to the caravan.

That gives you your ACTUAL GVM

We generally weigh with the vehicle full of fuel. Loaded and with driver and passengers.

If you use a WDH – we weigh the vehicle without the WDH – and then with – and this will give you ACTUAL figures on what the WDH is doing.

You then drive the vehicle forward and we weigh the caravans four (or 2 if single axle) wheels – whilst hitched to the vehicle – This gives us your ACTUAL GTM.

We then unhitch the caravan and weigh your tow ball weight (and as said above accurate to 0.5kg) – but we round of to the nearest kg.

We then add up all the figures and talk you through your actual GVM, GTM, ATM, GCM, GAWR, and the balance – passenger side to drivers’ side for the vehicle and caravan.

We also email you a 5 Page Report that night detailing all your weights.

Once we have done all that we have an educational program which is unique to CHECK WEIGHT.

We distribute weight around the caravan and give you the effect of adding (or removing) weight in the caravan – and the effect on the tow ball weight.

The information you get from this you can’t get from going over a weighbridge!

For example we tell you how much weight is added to your tow ball weight if the gas bottles are full or empty, if you place weight under the tunnel boot or under the bed.

We can even tell you how much weight goes on (or off ) your tow ball when you put weight in the fridge  (you may be surprised) or when you open the caravan door.

NOT Convinced – Check out this video of what happens when you open the caravan door !

We’ve helped owners fix a low towball weight by moving a carton of beer from the back of the caravan to the front – it can be that easy!

And therefore it can be that easy to get it wrong as well !

We often see comments on Facebook that – my tow ball weight is right – I checked it before we left home – the reality is that your tow ball weight varies constantly – as you travel the weight and weight distribution in your caravan changes. Understanding when you place weight in a certain place what is going to happens helps you keep the load balanced and for you to TRAVEL SAFE.


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