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CHECK WEIGHT is the premier mobile caravan weighing service in NSW. Established in 2019 with its prime focus being to “help caravan owners make sense of caravan weights” and thus ensure their caravans and tow vehicles are legal and safe. The original mobile business was based in Port Stephens / Newcastle NSW but grew to currently service from Lake Macquarie to Port Macquarie – Newcastle to

Operated by Jeff DeAth (with massive support behind the scenes from his wife Juls DeAth) whose own frustration four years ago with the confusing acronyms and weight limits involved in caravan weights led him to educate himself on caravan weights. Concerned by seeing so many caravans being overweight, and owners not understanding caravan weight limits, Jeff thought there “must be an easier way”.

As public weighbridges are not set up for caravan weighing, and didn’t provide any follow up information or education, Jeff set up CHECK WEIGHT – Mobile Caravan Weighing to help Caravan owners make sense of caravan weights, and determine if they are complying with the law.

More than just weighing, CHECK WEIGHT provides owners with a comprehensive report on their vehicle and caravan weights, and provides
education on the effect of weight with their unique program of moving weight around the caravan to show the effect on caravan balance.
CHECK WEIGHT is undergoing expansion with the business now offering franchises and CHECK WEIGHT “Making Sense of Caravan Weights” online
course. Although Mobile Caravan Weighing is the main focus, Check Weight can weigh 4WD’s, Mobile Homes, Horse Floats, Boat trailers – almost anything
on wheels.

CHECK WEIGHT is not a registered public weighbridge, but provides caravan and vehicle owners a convenient way to know and understand their actual weights so they can determine their own circumstances. ( drop down list of registered weighbridges) (to be provided)

Jeff and Juls are caravan safety advocates and advocate the following 5 ways to help you travel safe.
1. Know and understand your caravan and vehicle weights
2. Do a towing course (some say this is a marriage saver)
3. Know the laws in each state – they vary – adhere to speed limits and where possible don’t overtake semi trailers
4. Have a set up and set down routine and double check each other
5. Maintain and service your caravan on a regular basis

Our Values


Eliminating Risks

At Check Weight, it’s important to us to ensure our customers are safe. The well-being of our customers is our main priority. By supplying accurate and detailed weight information to our clients they can better load and distribute the weight in their caravan and vehicle and travel safer.


Ensuring Peace Of Mind

It’s our mission to ensure that we provide peace of mind to our customers and offer reliability, support, and security. Our detailed reports and education program help caravan owners make sense of caravan weights. With information comes power – the power to make correct loading decisions.


Assisting Customers

Check Weight prides ourselves on our excellent customer service and advice based on actual weight information. Our education program is unique and developed form weighing over 450 caravan and vehicle combinations. We take the guess work out of caravan and vehicle loading so our customers can Travel Safe and enjoy their travels.
Check Weight helps you make sense of Caravan Weights !

Servicing NSW


  • Newcastle
  • Nelson Bay
  • Port Stephens
  • Hunter Valley
  • Maitland
  • Cessnock
  • Gosford
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Mid North Coast
  • Port Macquarie
  • Taree
  • Singleton
  • Muswellbrook

And all places in between!

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