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5 tips for buying a caravan at a caravan show

  • 4 min read
A caravan show is a bustling hub for all things van-tastic, but it can also be overwhelming! To cut through the excitement and make informed decisions, here are 5 tips for buying a caravan at a caravan show: Know your needs: How many people will be traveling?  What kind of trips...

What is a Safe Weight when towing a caravan?

  • 7 min read
What is a Safe Weight when towing a caravan? At CHECK WEIGHT we have now weighed over 1500 caravan and vehicle combinations. There’s not much we haven’t seen regarding being legal and being a safe weight. We have seen combinations that are massively overweight, vehicles overweight and caravans overweight. However,...

10 Tips if you are buying a 2nd Hand Caravan

  • 6 min read
CHECK WEIGHT have weighed a variety of combinations over the years, from brand new caravans and cars to 20+ year old cars and caravans. The information available when purchasing a brand-new car or caravan is readily accessible, (but still can be confusing) but generally you can sit down with the...


  • 4 min read
NOTE  UPDATED 1/12/23 What is the “Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle” rule? Caravanning is a popular pastime for many people around Australia, offering the freedom to travel and explore the great outdoors. However, caravanning also comes with a responsibility to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. One...

What is the best tow vehicle or caravan ?

  • 6 min read
AT CHECK WEIGHT from time to time we get asked what is the best vehicle or caravan. As we see a lot of different set ups our focus is weighing your current set up and if it is compliant and safe. From weighing different combinations, we have seen completely compliant...

Are you towing illegally?

  • 4 min read
Are you towing illegally? Towing laws differ across states, and there can be big fines if you break them You might think that towing a caravan is a quiet pastime that’s not going to attract the attention of the law, yet there are plenty of rules and regulations that relate...
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