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CHECK WEIGHT – SYDNEY WEST – Mobile Caravan Weighing service,  gives you peace of mind, knowing your caravan and tow vehicle weights are right, your caravan is balanced and helps you to travel safe.

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mobile caravan weighing sydney

CHECK WEIGHT weighs your caravan and tow vehicle to make sure you know exactly what your current weights are so you can stay within the law.

Good Information and Good Education means you can make GOOD Decisions!

We Are A Mobile Weigh Bridge That Comes To You.

CHECK WEIGHT Mobile Caravan Weighing saw a need for an easier way for Caravan owners to Check their Weight. Caravan Weights are confusing, and CHECK WEIGHT helps you make sense of caravan weights.

By coming to you, CHECK WEIGHT  SYDNEY WEST – saves you the time and hassle of finding a suitable weigh bridge. With wireless portable weigh pads, CHECK WEIGHT will weigh every wheel and axle of your Tow Vehicle and Caravan and advise and explain you your GVM, GTM, ATM & GCM.  (Click FREE REPORT for an explanation of all the weight acronyms)

We will then advise you of your GVM, ATM & GCM via a printed ticket and a comprehensive report on all your weights.

Mobile Caravan Insights

Five Reasons Why You Should Get your Caravan and Tow Vehicle Weighed with CHECK WEIGHT

To avoid all of this, it is important to weigh your caravan (and your entire rig) correctly, before leaving for your next holiday.

Kind Words From Our Clients

06:36 21 Jan 23
I would highly recommend Check Weight. We left today with great knowledge of where we needed to place weight and a detailed insight on how a car and caravan should be loaded. No question was silly and we walked knowing we will be safe in our travels with our van.
Roy HarrisRoy Harris
09:18 10 Jan 23
Jeff and the team done a great job weighing the caravan+vehicle. They were very thorough and explained all the weights and impacts. Also took the time to show how weight distribution affected the ball weight, and assisted with moving some weight around to improve caravan stability. Will be using them again for sure. Thanks Jeff....
Kathleen WhelanKathleen Whelan
05:56 22 Dec 22
Would highly recommend Check Weigh to anybody who owns a caravan.We received a thorough 5 pages report of all our weights.Jason clearly explained all the ins and outs with the process.He even recommended an engineer to assist us with a gvm upgrade.
mick richardsmick richards
10:47 18 Dec 22
highly recommend. good to know for everyone's safety and one's own piece of mind that everything is good to go. Easy process and excellent explanation throughout the experience.
Ken HeldtKen Heldt
08:35 14 Dec 22
I had Jeff out today to weigh my caravan and car. Jeff was fantastic with weighing and professional guidance. It was good to know that I am within legal compliance and where to add weight and effects it has on tow ball down weight. I have Next Gen Everest and new the rear axle weight was the real limiting factor. Until Jeff came out I was really only guessing. The whole way through Jeff has had excellent communication via SMS and emails. I have learnt so much today and I can honestly say I am very impressed with Weigh Check and the team. I highly recommend them to everyone that owns a caravan.
Ian MillardIan Millard
07:12 09 Dec 22
Jeff provided a great service to weigh our 2019 MU-x and Jurgens Jindabyne caravan prior to our first trip away. His knowledge is outstanding and he passed this on to my wife and I in an easy to understand way. We now know what our legal weights are and have the knowledge to keep it that way! Thanks Jeff.
Ryan n Rachel BromleyRyan n Rachel Bromley
09:49 12 Oct 22
Jeff squeezed us into his right schedule before our holiday. Jason weighed our caravan and car and explained how to distribute our weights better. Explained things very well. Thankyou!!
Sheryl AlcockSheryl Alcock
01:55 21 Sep 22
I was glad i did the exercise with check weight (Jeff and Brock) Van was over weight and car on limit. .Learnt a lot about weights and distribution for both car and van. Jeff was very good at explaining the technical side with easy layman terms . I would highly recommend to anybody to undertake this exercise to receive an accurate understanding of how you can make towing safer.Thank you
Lorraine EdwardsLorraine Edwards
03:48 19 Aug 22
We found the information and advice Check-Weight gave us invaluable. Even though we were under with our weights we were unbalanced but after some shuffling around with packing under their guidance the van tows so much better now.
Greg PileGreg Pile
06:18 13 Aug 22
Very professional and informative .Caravan towed much better after following recommendations from Jeff and Adrian.
Brent GreenBrent Green
22:25 13 Mar 22
Very professional service. Clear explanations and practical tips for managing van and car load going forward….
Gary McCarthyGary McCarthy
22:47 06 Mar 22
I was glad to under take weighing of caravan and car to give me piece of mind.Learnt a lot about distribution and balance for both car and van. Jeff was very good at explaining the technical side with easy layman terms along with comprehensive reporting. I would highly recommend to anybody to undertake this exercise to receive an accurate understanding of how you can make towing safer and more enjoyable.
Tony RegenfelderTony Regenfelder
21:30 02 Feb 22
what a great experience. I would recommend this service to anyone who is unsure of the weight of there caravan and tow vehicle as I was. Jeff was fantastic he explains everything clearly and at the end you get a detailed report and recommendations from Jeff. I was really blown awayby making one small change how it made a big impact on my caravan weight its the best investment I have made .
Christine McNallyChristine McNally
05:48 02 Dec 21
We were very happy with the service from Jeff at Check Weight. He provided us with clear and precise information on axle loadings on our rig. The main thing he provided us with was the security of knowing we are travelling legally. Norm and Chris McNally
Dianne IrvingDianne Irving
10:27 02 Nov 21
Jeff is an expert in his field. He is able to put a rather complicated set of figures ( weights) into an easily understood presentation.His throughout checking of ALL weights and the effects of moving weights within the van help explain the precision of his work. Great value and will save many lives in my opinion as people learn the nuances of towing caravans. I highly recommend every caravan owner gets Jeff to check their equipment,
Steve NorrisSteve Norris
05:21 02 Mar 21
Was lucky enough to source Check Weigh and Jeff to weigh up my 200 Series and off road van. Jeff met me at a convenient local spot and with the scales rolled out proceeded to confirm GVM, GCM, ATM and all the other M’s possible along with axle weights and ball weight. On top of this Jeff with his calibrated weights moved mass around the van to show just how placement effects ball weights etc.The end result a comprehensive report allowing me to confirm all weights and legality of the rig. Nothing beats peace of mind when towing big vans.Couldn’t be happier with the service,
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