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Jeff DeAth is the founder and owner of Check Weight – Mobile Caravan Weighing, NSW’s premier mobile caravan weighing service.

In 2017 Jeff and his wife Juls started planning to do “the big lap” around Australia in a caravan for 12 months.

At the time we were running a successful barber shop called Guys Cuts in Orange NSW.

At this time Jeff’s brother and best mate from school were doing the lap, and every time they came back to Orange to visit family and friends all they could talk about was how overweight they were, and how overweight other travellers were on the road were.

And I don’t mean “personally” overweight – I mean their vehicle and caravan were over their legal limits.

There are big repercussions if you are over these legal limits: fines, loss of warranty on vehicle and caravan and possibly voiding an insurance claim in the event of an accident. And that for some people can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Jeff was determined to “get it right”.

However the information in the market place was confusing and sales people would outright lie to you to get a sale. So Jeff researched, researched and after that did some more research!

In early 2018, Jeff woke up one morning and said to his wife – 

“We are just going to move to the coast when the business and house sells (they already owned a townhouse in Port Stephens) and we will do the “big lap” later. It was getting pretty stressful making decisions that were costing $100K plus and ensuring our future safety.

After having 12 months off work, In August 2019 Jeff came across the idea of mobile weighing of caravans. Having done 3 years of research (and understanding the weight acronyms) and not buying the caravan – Jeff started Check Weight – Mobile Caravan Weighing.

(Jeff has previously owned a caravan and towed.)

In the 2 years Check Weight has been operating we have weighed more than 350 caravan combinations of which 60% have exceeded one or more of their weight limits! (and a lot more right on their limits)

As Jeff understands the weight acronyms and the laws and has the ability to explain it to others in simple terms, is part of Check Weight success and made them the leader in Mobile Weighing in NSW.

Currently serving from Gosford to Taree – Nelson Bay / Newcastle to Muswellbrook, Check Weight will be expanding by offering franchises in late 2021.

Jeff has a passion for caravan safety and is on a mission to help caravan owners understand the confusing weight acronyms behind the weight laws as they apply to vehicles and caravans.

Check Weight – Mobile Caravan Weighing, helps people make sense of Caravan Weights.

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