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Five things that will make your Tow Vehicle over weight or unbalanced.

March 4, 2021



Five things that will make your vehicle overweight or unbalanced.

Following on from our previous blog Five things that make your caravan overweight here are

Five things that will make your vehicle overweight or unbalanced.

1. Drawers

Drawers are the latest “must have” for storage in a 4WD or dual cab ute.

They are handy for easy access to items. Rear Drawers are the perfect solution for keeping the back of your ute neat and organised whether you’re tackling tough tracks or eating up those outback miles.

However they weigh between 70-100 kgs – and that’s a lot of payload they are eating up.

And all that weight is over or behind the rear axle…. ( and that’s important ) )

2. Fridges and Fridge Slides

So you have the drawers and the fridge slide – so we better now throw in a fridge – So a 70 ltr fridge can weigh around 30 kg (empty) And because we need access to get to the fridge, the location of fridge ends up over the axle or behind the back axle.

Especially if you have a tub.

Those who are lucky enough to have a tray back can at least put the fridge up against the back – as far forward as possible to better distribute the weight.

3. Batteries

So we have the drawers and the fridge – so we really need some backup power – so again the auto electrician will put the battery (and inverter maybe) at the back on the passenger side so its easy to install and easy to get at – problem again all this weight is going on one side and at the back – no wonder the dual cab is leaning to one side…..

At least now you can put the 6 pack of beer in the fridge 😕

4. Awnings

Awnings honestly aren’t that heavy and they are really handy – especially if it’s hot or raining – but again they are on the passenger side – (there is a very good practical reason for that!) Awnings aren’t that heavy – maybe 10-15 kgs – but that’s more weight again that we are adding to the passenger side. So be mindful.

5. Too many tools

Everybody love to think they are a mechanic, and some are. But too many tools are a big weight problem – There’s always tools that you MUST take and there’s some that we like to take and then there’s some that we take in case somebody else breaks down.

Yes do you really need that imperial socket set your dad gave you.

If your going in groups or travelling with others, share the load, talk amongst yourselves taking only what you really need. Remember just because you have all that space doesn’t mean you need to fill it !

And I haven’t even mentioned, bull bars, snorkels, lights, roof racks……..

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