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Helping You Understand Caravan Weights

CHECK WEIGHT has  Mobile Wireless Weighing Pads and a tow ball weigher accurate to 1kg. 

 CHECK WEIGHT will weigh each wheel and axle of your Tow Vehicle and Caravan, your Boat, Trade Vehicle or Trailer or your 4WD.

Information and Education to help you stay safe on the road.

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Trailer Boats

Trade Vehicles & Trailers

Caravan Weighing

Check Weight will weigh each wheel and axle of your Tow Vehicle and Caravan.

We will then advise you of your Tow Ball Weight, GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), GTM (Gross Trailer Mass) and GCM (Gross Combination Mass) via a printed ticket and an emailed Summary of your weights at that time.

This gives you the information on:

  • Are you legal
  • What is your allowable payload
  • What steps (if necessary) you may need to take to reduce weight
Vehicle & Single Axle Caravan / Camper Trailer $340
Vehicle  & Dual Axle Caravan  $370

Boat Weighing

Unsure of how much your trailer boat weighs?

Unsure of how much your trailer boat weighs? Check Weight can determine your Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) ie: the mass that can be carried by the trailer’s wheels, with everything on the trailer (the boat, outboards, fuel, your fishing gear, the works).

Tow Ball Weight is the amount of the trailer’s mass imposed on the towball of your tow vehicle.

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) is the combination of GTM and TBM. Imagine your trailerboat, all loaded up but sitting on its jockey wheel — that mass sitting on the road is ATM.

Determine if you’re legal!

Did you know if you are overweight your Insurance may not pay in the event of an accident!

Vehicle Weighing

Vehicle Weighing – Know your GVM!

Determine easily the weight of your “Tradie” Vehicle and or Trailer whilst loaded and ready for work.

You can be fined for being overweight, or if you are involved in an accident, your vehicle insurance may not pay up.

A Check Weight check of your “ready to work” weight – may save you in the future.

We come to your workplace, with our Mobile Wireless weighing pads, and provide a ticket and an emailed report.

4WD Weighing

4WD Weighing – Know your GVM

4WDs are a great way to see the great outdoors.

However, bullbars, canopies fridges etc do add significant extra weight to your vehicle.

Determine your true weight with a visit from Check Weight.

With our mobile wireless weighing pads, we can determine your Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – and we also weigh each wheel and both axles – so you can determine where you may need to spread the load and reduce weight.

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